About Me

I was wondering my whole life what was I doing here on this interesting planet and who I am. I always just wanted to know what is the truth. I was very sensitive, having strong inner feelings, perceptions and visions in my heart. Much in the world didn´t make sense to me and nobody wanted discuss with me „what is beyond here“.
So I stopped asking and adjusted to the world, and adjusted more and more, until I lost my-self. Hold on, it´s a happy story. 🙂

In my late twenties I couldn´t ignore the feeling anymore, that I was in a total void, didn´t know what I was doing and I couldn´t believe that my confused life would be The Life! I knew something had to happen, in a good way or in a bad way. I shouted it out in the Universe.

And with this decision everything started. An exciting journey. My true Life. Synchronicities, right people coming with right information, my spiritual master (which I didn´t know I had) could finally pull me to India to learn, heal and expand. Years of initiations, purifications on all levels, consciousness opening, illusion washing, block washing, and letting go over and over again until I slightly started to see the sparkly silhouette of who I am on the horizon. What can I say… Of course, I saw dozens of horizons since then, and God knows where it ends. 🙂

Spiritual transformation is the craziest and most exciting and fulfilling rollercoaster I could ever imagine and this is what makes the most fun to me. I´m a tireless transformationist. 😀 That sounds about right.

I want to share my experiences with you, to offer my assistance and help you with your ascension symptoms and energy upgrades, support you on your journey. I especially work with and through the body, communicating with him/her, receiving information important for your healing and helping you to release the old energies, pain, trauma, blocks, structures – whatever doesn´t serve you anymore, raising the energy level of your body and aligning it more with your soul, helping to heal your soul and heart, and helping you to integrate easier the energies from your galactic selves so that you can embody your soul energy more powerfully. I´m offering my aid and looking forward to working with you very much. 🙂


  • master degree in physiotherapy, Palacky University in Olomouc
  • studies of a sacred knowledge from the ancient palm leaves at Soul university in Penukonda and initiations and knowledge from my master Sri Sai Kaleshwar Swami (2008 – 2011)